Beetroot Kvass 1 Litre


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Spiralz Concentrated Beetroot Kvass is a drink which originates from the Ukraine. Beet Kvass typically has a tangy, earthy, salty flavour with many nutritional benefits. It is full of living probiotics and is considered a tonic for digestion, a cleanser for the liver & blood, excellent for rehydration, rebalancing & energy boosting. Spiralz Organic Concentrated Spanish Beet Kvass contains a higher content of beetroot than most other brands and is not carbonated. All ingredients that have been proven to enhance immunity, cleanse the liver and increase oxygen re-uptake in the blood.  Also 100% no added sugar, preservatives, starter cultures, powders or anything made in a lab – just pure clean AMAZING elixir.

It can be taken as a shot several times a day, added to juice or smoothies or sipped over ice for a true and healthy refreshment.  Spiralz use only 100% Certified organic Australian Vegetables and Spring Water to provide the most concentrated and pure Kvass available.

This concentrated beet kvass is a live, raw, certified organic concentrated way to consume nutrients that are bio-available for fast absorption.  Take shots on a regular basis and before working out, diving, running, team sports and training or just about anything you want to surge into peak performance mode for -NATURALLY and in a way that is beneficial to your body.