Organic Sauerkraut Garlic & Dill 430g


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Organic Garlic & Dill Immune Booster Sauerkraut

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Spiralz Organic Garlic and Dill Immune Booster Sauerkraut is simply delicious. It combines garlic perfectly with the probiotic benefits of the cultured vegetables, resulting in a delicious, crunchy & nutritious raw sauerkraut. The biochemicals and essential oils in garlic have been found to help ward off infections, viruses, colds & flu’s, reduce inflammation & improve cardiovascular health. This raw fermented sauerkraut is perfect to add to salads, wraps or even eaten on its own.

All Spiralz products are made in small batches using only 100% Australian Certified Organic Vegetables and pure spring water.  We pride ourselves in providing the best quality fermented vegetables that can not be beaten in taste!

*This is a raw, live fermented product and requires refrigeration on arrival.