Organic Pink Lady Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother 500ml


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NEWOrganic Pink Lady Apple Cider Vinegar – 500ml glass bottle.

Certified Organic Pink Lady Apples grown locally have been slow fermented to create this potent, authentic and traditional version of apple cider vinegar that is truly second to none.  The beautiful pinkish glow from the apples gives the feeling of what it will be like to drink – its mellow, yet strong so can be diluted if you like.  Customers have reported so far using it for anytime they have an upset tummy, taking daily for many health issues but also to improve regularity, using for delicious salad dressings and for a more palatable daily shot of apple cider if that is something you make part of your health regime.

If taking medicinally for upset tummy etc, we would recommend diluting it as it is made specially using a long and slow double ferment so will likely be much stronger than other commercial large batch vinegar versions.