Organic Water Kefir – Finger Lime & Lemon 1 Litre


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These amazing bottles of traditionally fermented raw water kefir are loaded with flavour and probiotic benefits.  Spiralz NASAA certified organic line is premium in ingredients profile, uses no starter cultures, artificial sweeteners, preservatives or additives and they ferment using only pure spring water.  Water kefir is THE most diverse in it’s probiotic make-up and has been proven to have big benefits for improving gut health and a wide array of tummy troubles and other health issues.

While Spiralz Water Kefir is so delicious customers love to drink an entire bottle in one go, the minimal required daily intake to impact gut health is just 1/4 of a cup – THIS BEVERAGE PACKS A PUNCH when it comes to improving your gut health.

We have several varieties available and flavours on offer may change due to seasonality and availability of certified organic ingredients. Remember to pop them in the fridge on receipt and always OPEN CAREFULLY as our water kefir is ALIVE and thrives while in transit.  Open slowly when cool to release built up CO2 and then ENJOY 😊